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PostSubject: applicant   applicant Icon_minitimeThu Jun 14, 2007 12:15 am

Nick Name: Eggdropelf

Coordinat: x:98 y:105

Login: minimum of 10-15 time per day.

Donation: 5.99$ per week

Reason for application:
Reason I would like to join your alliance, is the fact that i have been watching your players and monitoring how fast and how well they seem to be growing. The alliance I currently provide service for is called taco. i had started out on the bottom of the totem pole, and now i have risen to be the biggest city out of the entire Taco. i have no more room to grow here. I have no more advancement. I have nothing really to motivate myself to being the best in my alliance. I see the oppurtunity to grow along with the community of Illuminati. I can see my self doing great things. I have only started this game about a month and a half ago, but that was with a population of 1. Now my population is at 500. My army size, also around 400. Resource feilds are all at 10+. i have maxed out all buildings such as four mill, brickworks and so on. hero mansion lvl 10. Now i am currently on my way to making Fire cat's. So this concludes my application. If you do not choose to accept me, I hope it is to someone that is at least near my own standards of playing.
Thank you for your time and concideration.
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